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owned and operated by Joe & Jeri Phillips
(co/owned and operated by our daughters-
Tegan & Keli)

We are located in Niles, Michigan. Between Niles and Dowagiac. 10-15 minutes from the Indiana state line.
Raising breeds that range from the largest (Flemish Giant) to the smallest (Netherland Dwarf).
Currently we have 5 main breeds of rabbits in our rabbitry-Flemish (Sandy, Fawn, Steel, Black, Lt. Grey, White & Blue) Holland & Mini Lops (variety in colors), French Lops, and Netherland Dwarfs (REW, BEW, Sable Marten, Sable Point, Siamese Sable, Black & Chinchilla).
How WE Began..........
Our oldest daughter Tegan (age 18) purchase a
Pedigree Blue Mini Rex. She named him "Ephraim"-
dictionary meaning "the tribe decended from him".
Later we would learn that the meaning held alot of
truth in our tribe (herd).
Anyhow, when Ephraim past away she was heart broken. So, being a mother I went and puchased another for her and one for the youngest Keli (age 16). Can't buy for one and not the other. And as the SAYING GOES- "Stuff Hoppins". We dedicate our rabbitry to "Ephraim", with out his existance in our lives, our rabbitry would never be.
That was 8 years ago, we are now getting our rabbits to where we have good blood lines. We have had a rabbit that came from our Rabbitry go to several shows and is working on it's legs. Doing a very good job of it to. Check out our Link Page for RAP RABBITS